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When it comes to buying clothes, I try to buy the trendiest clothes for the cheapest price. I think it is important to be able to stay on budget while looking your best! I live in Florida, so as you can guess we don’t get much of a winter here. It is important for me to buy clothes that are affordable, since I will not be wearing them a lot. Below are some items that I have been loving this winter that you can buy for a reasonable price! 

The first piece is a tan oversized fuzzy coat. I’m sure you have seen this before and let me tell you it is so cozy! I purchased mine through Amazon, however, its available many other places as well. I love that this jacket and you can really style up your outfit and take a cute instagram! The most reasonable was Amazon or Shein. The current Amazon price is $25.99 on prime. (There are other colors available as well).

The next piece is similar and you can purchase this on Amazon, Walmart, or even Target….. a Sherpa!! These are the fuzziest and coziest jackets for the winter time. This item is a NEED. Heres a tip: buy the sherpa through any of the stores above and then take it to a nearby embroider shop (I.E Lids) and have it embroidered with your sorority letters or monogrammed! I personally bought my through my sorority and it was about 60 dollars… expensive I know. But by doing this you can get a cute embroidered sherpa for half the retail price! 

NYC Outfit of the Day




Some of my favorite winter pieces are seen in this photo. All black of course. 

HatPrimark for about 5 dollars;  Primark is great for basics. They have many styles for jeans, t-shirts, and boots. Their pants do run small, so keep that in mind!

Jacket– $9 at Cotton On (they have the best sales ever check it out if you see a store) For my Florida Babes, they have a store in the Orlando mall. They usually have $5, $10 and $15 items! I got a couple of shirts ranging from 5-7 dollars. Check it out!!

Sweater – I shopped at SheIn for the first time a couple months ago and it was a great experience. I LOVE this sweater, it helps me slay in all black. Just make sure if you order from them you read the reviews to choose the right size. Also, pro-tip some of the items are found on Amazon. They are priced a little higher but its available for prime shipping!

Jeans – I have found that I love Forever 21s jeans! I finally found jeans that fit my thighs and butt. Right now, Forever is having a 30% off everything in the store so check it out ASAP! They are priced really well too. With the sale I got a pair for $9 bucks!

Cozy Pants: one must-have for winter is cozy pants! I found these Lauren Conrad jogger pants from Kohls. They are $29.99, however, they always have coupons so I bought them for $15. I’ll admit I am not a huge fan of kohl’s but these pants are amazing! They are joggers so you can wear them as everyday clothes, but personally, I just wear them as pajamas! 

Thank you for reading! Comment your favorite winter must haves below! 


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