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Bachelor/Bachelorette Watch Party Must Haves

If you’re like me, every Monday is a national holiday called Bachelor Monday!! Sometimes I like to go all out and have a watch party with some of my gal pals! I love to decorate and love the Bachelor, so its a perfect match! 

During the spring, the Bachelor is perfectly placed because it overlaps Valentines Day. A lot of Valentines day decor can easily be transformed in to Bachelor decor. All  you have to do is run to your nearest dollar tree or Walmart. Now let’s get started!


Cheese Platter

But first.. wine and cheese!! One major component of a bachelor watch party is having a glass of wine and a cheese platter. Even if you aren’t classy like me, it will make you pretend like you are. 

For the cheese platter, I found a cute heart plate from Walmart. I believe it was only a dollar.. what a steal! The cheese in this plate is Boursin Garlic and Herb Puck Cheese. It is $3.99 at most grocery stores. This cheese is HEAVEN. I have even put it on Hawaiian rolls at one point because it is that good. 

Other great cheese options to include but not pictured:

Honey Goat Cheese: This cheese is so underrated. My friend showed me this about a year ago and now it is an essential to my bachelor Mondays. I get mine from Publix in the cheese area!  

Brie Cheese: Brie cheese is great when you make it the right way. I have had it plain and haven’t liked it, so I recommend using a recipe to make it. A great way to make it is to put the brie cheese on a pan and spread jelly on top (raspberry jelly is great). I cook it in the oven on 350 for about 8 minutes or until the the cheese is melted! 

Wine - Will you accept this Rose?

Wine is something that depends on your personal pallet. So to those who like sweet wine I got you!! You can never go wrong with Pink Moscato!! I am still hooked on Barefoot Pink Moscato – it’s only $5.99 at CVS.  Or you can’t go wrong with rose and you can say “will you accept this rose?” all night. Another wine that I love is Arbor Mist’s Exotic Fruits White Zinfandel. This stuff tastes like juice and is only $3.99 at Walmart!!

For those who don’t like alcohol or wine thats totally fine! Just grab one of your favorite drinks and cheers to Bachelor Mondays!! Sparkling grape juice is a great alternative! 

That extra touch

What’s a watch party without roses? I found rose petals for a dollar at Walmart! They also have them at the dollar tree. I sprinkled them on the table and let me say its a must!! Chocolate strawberries are also a great touch. They are easy to make and really add to the bachelor aesthetic. 



Shirts: An extra touch is to make bachelor related shirts with your bffs! Click here to see my last blog post to see how I made them.



Other ideas:

Rose Cupcakes or muffins: I have a rose muffin tin. Here is a inexpensive one on amazon – click here.

Valentines M&Ms: These are a simple touch. Just throw them in a cute bowl and your good to go!

Roses: Obviously. If you want to splurge buy a bouquet of roses!


I hope you enjoyed this post and are inspired to have a watch party of your own!!


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