How to Make Your Work Space Girl Boss Approved

As I strive to become a better professional and woman, I always love to refer to the term “girl boss”. This term was coined by Sophia Ambroso, founder of Nastygal and author of #Girlboss. From my interpretation, it means to be a powerful woman and slay at everything you do. I know this term is used throughout to world, but I think its important that as women to exemplify the strong individuals we are; whether it be in our actions or workplace. Today, I am going to give you some ideas on how to make your workspace girl boss approved!

Having a workplace fit for you is a lot like getting dressed in the morning. Often times when your wearing legging and t-shirt, you do not feel as confident as you would with makeup and dressed in a cute outfit. I am speaking off of personal experience here, however, your workplace is very similar. If you love your workspace more often than not, it will help motivate you to get things accomplished. 

Corkboard Decor

Here are some tips and tricks to empower your inner girl boss in the work setting. I currently work as a graduate assistant and have my own cubicle. At my office, I have a desk, a chair, and a cork board. Though this seems boring I found my own way to give it some girl boss touches. For my cork board, I found gold marble paper from Micheals to cover it with. This allowed my office area to start to have the trendy vibe I was going for. The marble paper is 99 cents at Michaels. Don’t forget that they always have coupons online ranging from 40% off whole purchase or 40% an item. Click here to view them.

Girl Boss Work Space Corkboard

Next, to go along with the marble theme I purchased a gold marble mouse pad for about seven dollars on Amazon. It adds such a nice touch and matches so perfectly with the paper. Click here to give it a look!

Desk Decor

For desk decor, I bought items from Target, Tjmax, and Dollar store. I tried to be as cost effective as I could because I’m a girl on a budget. My favorite pick is fake flowers from the dollar store. I bought two things of fake flowers and one vase totaling three dollars. It adds a nice touch and I use this decor idea for my bedroom as well. Next, I found a wooden picture that says “Hello Sunshine” from Tjmax. This was about $5.99 but I figured it’s worth it because I can use this for decor for many different places in the future. Lastly, I purchased a “Here’s the plan” pad from target for about $5! This goes perfectly with the colors of the marble and allows me to be organized as well. All picture examples are below,  unfortunately I could not find the links for them! 

Girl Boss Work Space Flowers
Girl Boss Work Space Desk

Another touch is to have a computer background that motivates you! I found the link that has so many cute backgrounds to choose from. Check it out: The Pretty City Girl 

I hope you liked this workplace decor inspiration. I encourage you to decorate your workspace to what motivates you. Go make your workspace girl boss approved and slay the day!


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